2021 Winners

Our 2021 Winners will be announced on Thursday 29th April 2021 (7pm / 10pm) and will be posted here on 30th April 2021. 

Business of the Year


Judges Comments: Experiencing exponential growth since its launch in 2016, Rovco has evolved from 2 employees to a team of 55 staff and has recruited a full executive team and a software-focused chairman from the FTSE 100.

Female Entrepreneur of The Year

Sarah Lawrence

Judges Comments: Incredible achievements and such a bright talent.
We love the licensing concept, the commitment to charity, the product lines and your growth!

New Start-Up of The Year

Memento Vita

Judges Comments: What a brilliant idea from something so sad. Having seen there was a gap in the market for an app like this they have filled it perfectly and I think it will continue to grow by adding more suppliers and services. What a start up, donating 5% of their profits to a local hospice.

Young Entrepreneur of The Year

Renee Phippen

Judges Comments: Having realised that what she was studying for at Uni was badly affected by COVID she diversified and created a business where she felt there was a need, this has proved very successful and is continuing to grow.

The SME of The Year


Judges Comments: After two years of developing the technology things look to have moved fast. Overturning old and inefficient processes with newer ones and making access to financial advice easier and more affordable has got to be a great thing all round.

The Employer of The Year


Judges Comments: The company is committed to ensuring a solid knowledge base through training and experience. And has placed its emphasis on ensuring that employee happiness and welfare, both physical, mental and emotional, remains the number one priority, resulting in a motivated and long staying workforce.

COVID Community Champion

Wiltshire Digital Drive

Judges Comments: Providing laptops during the pandemic to combat digital poverty. Also setting a scheme up with the BBC to ensure all young people had access to a laptop.

The Apprentice of The Year

Yusra Shaeik

Judges Comments: Yusra is clearly a highly motivated individual who uses her initiative to support the Dial A Geek team and help achieve its goals. We loved reading Yusra’s client testimonials which really demonstrate her work ethic and determination to deliver an A1 experience for her customers.

The Charity of The Year

The Defence Medical Welfare Service

Judges Comments: What a fantastic Charity this is! Providing much needed support to a variety of the UK’s services. Moving their service online, doing doorstep drops of care / medical packages. Stopping the vulnerable from being isolated during COVID.

Outstanding Contribution to The Community

Matt Jones Run & Repair

Judges Comments: Love that he has raised money to help people. Provided bikes for those in need in his community and focused on his family.

Lifetime of Achievement

Sara Tye

Judges Comments: Sara has a massive amount of experience in a number of fields. Sara works with companies across the globe helping them to progress and grow. She is also an integral part of her local community.

The Leisure & Tourism Award

Luxury Coastal

Judges Comments: It was fantastic to read how they have survived and thrived through the pandemic. We were impressed by the firm’s community and ethical ethos, with its commitment to being a Living Wage employer and supporting local causes such as Surfers Against Sewage.

Male Entrepreneur

Brian Allen

Judges Comments: Brian Allen has grown the company from 2 employees to 55, and from an annual turnover of £60k to now having £7.5m of revenue in 2020 against a forecast of £3.5m. Rovco now have forecast revenues in 2021 of £12.5m.